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What the Diversity of Nature Means to a Physicist

The wonderful diversity of the natural world, human society included, might imply an equally complex taxonomy of scientific approaches and theories. Yet, many phenomena contain observable regularities that reappear in disparate systems. In this free talk, we will discuss physics models and concepts as a way of building quantitative bridges between natural phenomena and thus framing these regularities. In particular, we will discuss connections between the physics of magnets, political voting, collective behavior in biology, and armed conflict.


Who is speaking: Edward D. Lee, Ph.D


When it's taking place: June 6, 9:30 AM PST 

Image Credit: Rutgers Univesity


Science is communicated but not discussed. Let's change that together.

Socratic Discussions is the perfect mixture between science webinars and discussion forums. Accomplished guest speakers from various fields speak on our platform about their groundbreaking research. However, their talk is driven by your questions and inquiries in order to give you the most interactive and engaging experience possible. Our goal is to foster deep and intelligent discourse so that we can all learn from one another.


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